FAQ – Your favourite film trailers in one place


What is Filmstopia?

Filmstopia is the place where you can find trailers for films. You can find which films are on the theatres, what’s coming on, top rated films and much more.

How is working?

Is very simple, choose the top categories on the main home page or the genres at the bottom of the page. You will be able to find a lot of trailers and info for you favourite films. We do our best to keep the site updated and hopefully will be the place that you will keep in your favourites

How can i find trailers?

On the top of the main page, as well as the other pages of the site, there is a search button. Click it and type the title of the film that you are looking for and the appropriate trailer will appear.
Recently we added AutoComplete functionality which can activate after typing 3 words. You can see the results instantly and change your words accordingly to find the best results.


How can i report technical issues?

Please use our Contact page which you can find at the bottom of the website. We really appreciate your effort and time to report issues and help us to improve the service.

Can i download the trailer?

You can’t download the trailer because is hosted on 3rd parties servers.

Which browsers do you support?

We support all the major browsers on Mac and Windows

Can i watch from my mobile?

Yes of course, our web site support mobiles and tablets (iOS and Android). We don’t have an app but you can access it via your favourite mobile browser.

How much does it cost?

We don’t have subscription and can watch all trailers for free.

Can i watch films?

Unfortunately you can’t watch films due to copyrights. However we providing a big variety of trailers and information for all the films.

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