The Long Way Home (Original title – Seoboojeonsun ) – Official trailer 2015 – Lotte Entertainment

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24th of July in the year 1953, three days left until North and South Korea will sign the truce. Nam-bok is a normal soldier who just wants to go home to his farm. Instead he must bring a secret paper to the Western front but on his way, he is attacked by North Korean forces which causes him to loose the paper. Accidently the secret paper is discovered by Young-gwang, a North Korean soldier and the last remaining survivor of his unit. While Nam-bok is searching for his important papers, he sees Young-gwang stealing them. Now Nam-bok fights like a lion to get the secret paper back.


Directed by: Seong-il Cheon
Cast:  Kyoung-gu Sul, Kyeong-yeong Lee, Han Chul-Woo

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