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A suspenseful action movie from director Chiba Seiji (AVN : ALIEN VS. NINJA). Set in the feudal domain of Iga, it tells an exciting story of ninjas engaged in fierce battle. An official selection of the 2015 Sitges Film Festival.
The year is 1578. Lowly Iga ninja Tao (Mimoto Masanori) awakens in a dimly-lit cave. Before him stands Jaki (Koga Mitsugi), who claims to be a fellow underling, and the mangled bodies of forty ninja lie strewn on the ground. Tao has completely lost his memory, but it slowly comes back to him as he proceeds through the cave…

Directed by: Seiji Chiba
Cast: Mitsuki Koga, Mei Kurokawa, Masanori Mimoto

 Ninja Hunter
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