Stray Nightingale (Original title – Midare uguisu ) – Official trailer 2017 – GEKI x CINE

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JUZABURO (Arata Furuta), known as a chivalrous thief, is one day betrayed by his henchman and his entire gang is slaughtered. The gravely wounded JUZABURO escapes and is saved by Inspector SADAEMON (Ryosuke Otani) and a couple, KANSUKE (Macoto Awane) and OKAYO (Izumi Inamori), who runs a tavern. There, JUZABURO retires from the trade and changes his name to GENZABURO. Few peaceful years goes by, then KANSUKE dies from an illness. GENZABURO helps OKAYO to run the prosperous tavern. One night, a local police chief KATSUNOSUKE (Shunsuke Daitoh) inquires about a bandit named SUNAKICHI (Jun Hashimoto). GENZABURO realizes that KATSUNOSUKE is the son of the man who saved his life years ago. GENZABURO comes up with a plan to repay his debt, but doesn’t know what the future holds…


Directed by: Hidenori Inoue
Cast: Arata Furuta, Izumi Inamori, Shunsuke Daitoh, Kurumi Shimizu

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