Children of the Sea (Original title : Kaijû no kodomo) – Official Trailer 2019 – Gkids

30 April, 2020 139 No Comments


Ruka is a young girl whose parents are separated and whose father works in an aquarium. When two boys, Umi and Sora, who were raised in the sea by dugongs, are brought to the aquarium, Ruka feels drawn to them and begins to realize that she has the same sort of supernatural connection to the ocean that they do. Umi and Sora’s special power seems to be connected to strange events that have been occurring more and more frequently, such as the appearance of sea creatures far from their home territory and the disappearance of aquarium animals around the world.

Directed by: Ayumu Watanabe
Cast: Mana Ashida, Hiiro Ishibashi, Seishû Uragami

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