Anonymous Noise (Original title : Fukumen-kei Noise) – Official trailer 2017 – Shochiku

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Nino Arisugawa enjoys to sing. When Nino Arisugawa was a child, she separated from her first crush Momo and Yuzu who composed music. Momo and Yuzu promised her that they would find her by her singing voice. Now, Nino Arisugawa is in the first year of high school. She finally meets Yuzu at the high school. Yuzu belongs to the band “in No hurry to shout.” Nino Arisugawa becomes tempted to sing in their band and spends time practicing. Meanwhile, Momo is also in the first year at the same high school that Nino and Yuzu attends. Momo already has a career as a composer. He tries to avoid Nino, because he feels guilty that he sold music for money. The music was made for Nino.

Directed by: Kôichirô Miki
Cast: Ayami Nakajô, Jun Shison, Yûta Koseki

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