Tokei Maru (full short film) – Official 2018

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The year is 1922 and Tokei Maru, a Japanese cargo boat arrives at Smyrna on the coast of Asia Minor. It is only days that the Greek army left and the Turkish army entered the city. But the city and its inhabitants are doomed as fate has left them on the edge of nothing. As the Japanses captain monitors the Allied ships anchored on the Smyrna Bay his thoughts travel back to his youth. The year is 1873, just ten years after the Anglo-Satsuma war. A young boy participates on the festival of the dead, as he remembers the last days of his father. As the British battleships bombarded the city of Kagoshima, fire and devastation spreads into the city. The once beautiful city and its inhabitants face sudden death from the British retaliation. The young boys father dies in battle, with an honored death. The sound of gunshots awaken the Japanese Captain from his daydreaming. The executions, the cries of the innocent people and the sounds of the frenzy Turkish guerrillas who shoot and set fire on every christian house fills the air. The flames reach up to the sky The Allied ships (American, British, French and Italian) order the Japaneses vessel to dock on the open sea. A great fire starts that sweeps across the Greek and Armenian sectors burning everything to the ground. People gather on the docks trying to flee, trying to save their lives from the fire and the Turkish army. The Japanese captain will not hesitate. He throws all of his cargo to the sea to rescue more than 825 man, women and children. Almost 100 years later his name is still unknown but his act of humanity remains.

Directed by: Zahos Samoladas

 Tokei Maru
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