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When Chihaya Ayase was in the 6th grade of elementary school, she met Arata Wataya. Arata Wataya transferred from Fukui Prefecture. Taichi Mashima was Chihaya Ayase’s friend since they were little. Arata got close to Chihaya and Taichi from the card game ‘karuta’. Four years later, Chihaya is a high school student. Chihaya learns that Arata, who went back to Fukui Prefecture, doesn’t play karuta anymore. Believing they will meet Arata again, Chihaya and Taichi start a karuta club at their high school.

Directed by: Norihiro Koizumi
Cast: Suzu Hirose, Mone Kamishiraishi, Jun Kunimura

 Chihayafuru Part I
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