Glittering Hands (Original title – Ban-jjag-i-neun bak-su so-ri ) – Official Trailer 2014 –

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Despite being deaf Sang-kuk never forgets to smile while he makes furniture. Kyung-hee can’t hear either but with her natural beauty and outgoing personality, she enjoys her job at a sign language interpretation center. Between them they have hearing daughter Bora who is a director and a son named Kwang-hee. When, after moving eight times since marriage, Sang-kuk wants to move one more time, Kyung-hee opposes him. In filming the silent world of her parents, the director discovers new stories coming from herself, who grew up moving back and forth between two worlds-one of silence and the other of sound.


Directed by: Bora Lee-kil
Cast:  Im-Soon Jeong, Kyung-Hee Kil, Kwang-Hee Lee

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