Innocent Blood (Original title – Hikari to chi ) – Official Trailer 2017 – Babel Label

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HIKARI has been a girl with a kind heart who protects her bullied classmate — until one day, she becomes a victim of a raping and gets obsessed with getting revenge against the criminal. Meanwhile, it is not only HIKARI whose heart is ripped apart by a brutal event. YUKA, who loses her dearest brother in a tragic car accident, and YO, a young businessman whose just-engaged fiancee is murdered, both suffer enormous changes and pains on their lives. A chain of tragedy forms around three of them with tangled destinies.


Directed by: Michihito Fujii
Cast:  Yuki Sera, Riko Uchikoshi, Mika Debara, Natsuko Kobayashi, Shinnosuke Kazama

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