The Anthem of the Heart (Original title : Kokoro ga sakebitagatterunda.) – Official Trailer 2017 – Aniplex

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Takumi Sakagami (Kento Nakajima) is a high school student who is poor with social interaction. He is appointed to the Regional Friendship Exchange Executive Committee by his teacher. Jun Naruse (Kyoko Yoshine) is also appointed to the same executive committee. Due to a trauma in her past, if she talks to others, she gets stomach pains. Thus, she doesn’t talk or hang out with others in class. Takumi and Jun hesitate, but they attempt to prepare for a musical that will be performed at the region exchange meeting.

Directed by: Naoto Kumazawa
Cast: Kento Nakajima, Kyoko Yoshine, Anna Ishii, Kanichiro

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