The House Where The Mermaid Sleeps (Original title : Ningyo no nemuru ie ) – Official Trailer 2018

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Harima Kaoruko has two children. She lives separately from her husband Kazuaki. They have agreed to divorce after their daughter’s exam for elementary school finishes. One day, they learn that their daughter drowned in a swimming pool. The doctor informs them that their daughter is brain dead and does not have a chance to recover. The couple has two choices. One choice is to donate Mizuho’s organs to others in need and their other choice is to wait until Mizuho’s heart stops beating.

Directed by: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Cast: Rina Kawaei, Keiko Matsuzaka, Hidetoshi Nishijima

 The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps
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