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The first installment of the “Ninagawa Yukio Theater” screening carefully selected nominees on screen as a memorable mourning event by Yukio Ninagawa, the representative director of Japan. The noble Romans Brutus collects the conflict until defeating the friend Hero Caesar and the Shakespeare tragedy “Julius Caesar” depicting the fate afterwards. Caxius who fears that Caesar’s power which beat Pompei is going to be big is to assassinate by bringing a brute troublesome from Britus thick from the citizen to a group. Although the citizens heard the speech of Brutus he seemed to have accepted the hero’s death at one time, but the circumstances were changed by the condolence of Caesar’s belly Antony. The hearts of citizens turn to anti-brutus, and Brutus and Caxias are chased away. Hiroshi Abe played the role with Brutus, Tatsuya Fujiwara acted as Antony, Yokota Eiji played Caesar, Yoshida Shotaro played Cathyus role respectively.

Directed by: Yukio Ninagawa
Cast: Hiroshi Abe, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Eiji Yokota

 Julius Caesar
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